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Level 6 Diploma in Sign Language Interpreting and Translation

Level 6 Diploma in Sign Language Interpreting and Translation

Wellcome to the Information Page for Level 6 BSL Interpreting and Translation

Based in South East London Appa Training is pleased to offer you an adaptable, interpreter lead and Signature verified Level 6 Interpreting course.

Our interpreting course consists of two parts;

  • Part 1 is the taught part of the course comprising of 6 teaching blocks which consist of 2-days.
  • Part 2, evidence collection and submission.

We’ve designed the programme to give you the best opportunities to collect evidence and submit your portfolio when ready, so part 2 isn’t as daunting as you may think!
Timescales for  gathering evidence vary between 6 months to 18 months, depending on your previous experience and connections to the Deaf community.

Progression Route

This BSL Level 6 Interpreting course is in 2 parts; Part 1 is all theory (with some practical’s in preparation of part 2), and Part 2 is your portfolio collection of evidence proving your capabilities.

Part 1 – is 8 months, so that is fixed.

Part 2 – depends on the student. The longest you are allowed to take before your application expires is 18 months. Most students average 9 months. You can do it faster if you can get all the evidence in play. So approx. 19 clips across 3 different domains with evaluations. Our assessors and IVs can match your pace.
Accreditation with NRCPD

With the completion of Part 1 you can register as a TSLI with the NRCPD. (£140, plus £30 first time registration fee) and our assessors will set up the paperwork for mentoring development as required by the NRCDP.

(Please note; NRCPD membership applications are between you and the NRCPD.)

With the completion of Part 2, you will be a fully qualified BSL Interpreter and can change your TSLI registration into RSLI with the NRCPD. (up to £230 depending on what you have left on your current membership). The assessors during part 2 will advise on how to produce CPD points for continued adherence to the NRCDP membership criteria. Also, as a graduate of our course you will be give one free CPD course with us.


The Units you will learn are;

Part 1 covers the underpinning theories and principles of interpreting and translation. It is mandatory for all candidates.
Learning outcomes:
1) Analyse and evaluate key theories and principles in interpreting and translation
2) Maintain skills and systems for interpreting and translation tasks
3) Prepare for interpreting and translation assignments
4) Plan and implement continuous professional development
Candidates must successfully complete Part 1 before moving on to Part 2.


Part 2 covers the practical skills required for professional interpreting and translating and is divided into four areas of practice, called ‘streams’. At appa we offer 3 possible streams of the Signature qualification. These represent your specialisation for Part 2, all students take the same Part 1 classes.

Stream 1: Spoken <> signed interpreting; English and BSL

Stream 3: Relay interpreting; BSL and BSL

Stream 4: Written <> signed translation: English and BSL

Candidates who wish to specialise in more than 1 stream are required to undertake assessments in all the chosen streams. For example, a candidate who wishes to specialise in signed <> signed language interpreting and in written <> signed language translation must complete the required assessments for both streams.

Study Tips

Learning at Appa

Accreditation and faculty:

The course is Signature accredited and designed by interpreters for interpreters. The taught sessions are delivered by a range of qualified teachers who themselves are also out there in the field as professional BSL interpreters. The course has been crafted to give you the very best in learning how to adapt your British Sign Language skills to the wider domains that require the skills, ability and mindset of qualified interpreters.

Your learning Environment and follow-up CPD:

Our centre is geared towards a positive learning environment, you are also given your own personal tutorials, and once completed you will be given 1 free CPD workshop, which will start your CPD journey. You will also receive a discount on any appa run CPD courses for the following 18 months.

Course Details

Assessment is compulsory for all students and costs;
£55 (£35 for Appa students)


Please click the Apply button to access our Course Application Form. You can fill it out and submit it online, we’ll then reply with your invoice and a payment link.

To apply please use the buttons to either apply directly or to contact us first. Please, please leave us your phone number. We PROMISE to only use it for dealing with this enquiry and that we will not share or spam it. Experience has shown us that email is so prone to spam that our emails often get filtered out and lost.

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