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Vicarious Trauma

Vicarious Trauma - hosted by Imran Umar BA

How to identify and reduce mental trauma resulting from working in in our profession.

Please note. this is a LIVE CPD delivered remotely via Zoom.

You will have a proper, active teaching session with back and forth, and feedback. 

This is not a pre-recorded video of someone reading a PowerPoint. 

We take professional development seriously, and we hold ourselves to high standards of training quality.

An insight into the function and potential risks associated with carrying out interpreting assignments, and how to combat these to sustain quality and well-being.

Trauma is what happens when we experience a deeply disturbing or distressing event that drowns our minds and overloads our ability to cope. It can overload our emotions, stop us from feeling a full range of emotions or it can even shake us so much that we lose our sense of self.

The session will provide participants with tools to identify vicarious trauma and how to reduce or negate its impact in our profession.

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