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“Signature are passionate about increasing the number of BSL users across the UK. Appa me are one of our fantastic centres who contributes towards us doing this, delivering a range of BSL courses with great dedication and commitment”
– Lindsay Foster Executive Director

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Accreditation is an important factor in working as a professional BSL Interpreter. It shows that you are activel

The main accreditation body for BSL Interpreters is the NRCPD. NRCPD regulations require 24 hours of CPD activity per year, 12 hours of which are to be structured CPD.y developing and honing your skills and keeping up with developments.

At our offices in Lewisham, South East London, and remote via Zoom we provide structured CPD training for BSL interpreters that meet NRCPD requirements.

These are proper active teaching sessions with back and forth, and feedback. None of that pre-recorded video of reading a powerslide. We take professional development seriously, and we hold ourselves to high standards of training quality.

You will not get a better CPD experience elsewhere!

Elephant in the Room

09th Mar 2024
Exploring the concept of interpreting as a loss process, the concept of equivalence when interpreting, and developing individual practice.

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Antony Collett

Prevention Over Cure

15th Jun 2024
A medical overview of your biomechanical functionality, risks and how to prevent long-term injury as a Sign Language Professional.

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Course Details

Most courses require physical participation.

All courses are presented live via Zoom.