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A Shift in Perspective

appa was born to instil a new ethos in disability services. To instil a different way of thinking and introduce a higher standard of equality for deaf and disabled individuals within our communities.

In our work, each person whether deaf, disabled or able-bodied, should be afforded the same respect and access. appa is here to serve that fundamental right.

We strive to provide the best in essential services for deaf and disabled people. Be it translation, note-taking, physical support, or life-skills, our values set the quality of our service and ensures we hold them to the highest standard.

We promise to always:

  • make a difference
  • demonstrate genuine understanding
  • ask why not

What does appa mean?

  • appa in Korean, Arabic, Hungarian and several Indian dialects, is similar to the word meaning father or dad.
  • It is also an anagram of the word papa.
  • In Urdu, the word is a term used to address an elder sister or female with respect.

Turn a corner

If someone turns a corner, their situation has improved after a hard time. Change can be hard, and we often resist change. To turn that corner appa promotes change. Only by seeing a different perspective can we truly make life-changing decisions.
As part of this shift, appa supports its clients by offering individual services and choices, to help turn a corner.

The Team

Our team truly believes and cares about providing the best service and the best solutions, even if that means controversy.
The team has over 40 years of specialist experience and our reputation is indisputable. We constantly re-evaluate our understanding of the issues in order to ensure that we provide the best solutions, and help us reach new heights of achievement.

Shift Perspectives

To change, we must create a structure that encourages and support change. It begins with an all-important shift in perspective. At appa, we lay down this challenge to ourselves and to you. By constantly striving for more we can set higher standards and expectations for everyone.
Creating a shift in expectations, a shift in the meaning of equality for all and importantly a shift in the belief of what can be achieved takes remarkable people. We believe there is a remarkable person in everybody and we are here to support each person to demonstrate their potential and be that vital contributor to society.
If you want to experience change, then get in touch and let us shift perspectives for you


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