Level 1 Award in British Sign Language

Level 1 Award in British Sign Language

Welcome to the information page for Level 1 Award in BSL.

18 - 25 discount ad image, £600 to £350

Interested in learning about British Sign Language? Then this is the course for you! This qualification is designed to teach learners to communicate with Deaf people in British Sign Language (BSL) on a range of topics that involve simple, everyday language use. You will gain basic skills and confidence in production and reception of BSL.

The specification has been designed using the UK Occupational Language Standards at Level 1.


We currently have an offer on this course, if you are aged 18 to 25 to get start learning BSL down from £600 to £350!

The Units you will learn are;

  • BSL 101 Introduction to BSL – meeting people, using numbers, weather, transport and directions
  • BSL 102 Conversational BSL – at home, people, animals and objects, using numbers, interests and activities
  • BSL 103 BSL at School, College or Work – getting around, exchanging information, refreshments, and using numbers

We can also offer bespoke courses for organisations – where you come to us, or we come to you.

Suitable for ages 10+.

Study Tips

Get a head start on your course by practising fingerspelling using this chart.

Course Details

Classes will be held weekly from 18:00 to 20:30.
Currently classes will be held remotely via Zoom.
We will assess the option of face to face classes alongside remote learning if risk can be managed adequately.


Please click the Apply button to access our Course Application Form. You can fill it out and submit it online, we’ll then reply with your invoice and a payment link.

To apply please use the buttons to either apply directly or to contact us first. Please, please leave us your phone number. We PROMISE to only use it for dealing with this enquiry and that we will not share or spam it. Experience has shown us that email is so prone to spam that our emails often get filtered out and lost.

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