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Curing Deafness with Genetic Engineering

Curing Deafness with Genetic Engineering News on methods to treat deafness and hearing loss waxes and wanes, and when the news includes the word “genetic” the clamor waxes stronger. Since

Our Clients: Andrew Muskat

Andrew, a grafter, has worked at Lloyds for over 34 years. Today he tells us about some ofthe barriers and solutions of working as a Deaf person in hearing corporate

Blog of a Support Worker: Robyn Pace

My ambition and dream job in life is to become a Physiotherapy Assistant; I recently completed my degree at University as a Sport Scientist, and with no professional experience behind me

The Cost of a Living Wage

The living wage is a worthy social aspiration. It looks at the cost of living and asks what wage a person needs in order to meet the basic assessed costs

Iain Duncan Smith and getting people to work

The superficial hue and cry from the headline grabbing hungry press and radical disability activists are condemning Iain Duncan Smith’s changes to sickness benefits. However, the core principles at the