Yes I Can

Yes I Can

appa were delighted to see the new ‘Yes I Can’ advert for the Rio Paralympic Games 2016?  The advert delivered beautifully to highlight the prospective Paralympians performing with grace, power and skill.

Ok, as an allegedly abled bodied person I can assure you I am no threat to the current UK Olympic roster. I can probably assume that applies to most people with disabilities. We may not be Olympians but we can work and we can achieve. We can seek improvement in all that we do, perhaps not to Olympian levels but always getting better and making a contribution to society.

The disabled have been pegged with a damning medical stigma as unabled and dependant. Yet, this wonderful ad shows the contrary to be true. Interspersed with images of athletic endeavour were people living their lives, creating art and going to work. The video showed ‘disabled’ musicians, a mother with no arms hold up her baby with her feet and a pilot with no arms flying an aeroplane.

In many ways I wish the video had a few more clips of disabled people; showing and educating the mainstream how they have successfully overcome what could have been a barrier. But time is precious and you have to stay on message. The video is a new standard in the work of shifting perspectives on disability. At appa me ltd we want society to turn the corner to the right path, to champion and cheer on disabled people who say “Yes I Can”.


appa me ltd is a disability support services company serving individuals and groups

appa training is our personal and professional teaching arm offering British Sign Language, DeafBlind Communication, Awareness Training and Education qualifications.

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