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Fast-track Level 1 and 2 Award in British Sign Language

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“Signature are passionate about increasing the number of BSL users across the UK. Appa me are one of our fantastic centres who contributes towards us doing this, delivering a range of BSL courses with great dedication and commitment”
– Lindsay Foster Executive Director

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Fast-track Level 1 and 2 Award in British Sign Language



Welcome to the information page for the Fast-track Level 1 and 2 Award in BSL.

Are you age 18 and over who has completed their GCSE’s and possibly A-Levels? Interested in learning British Sign Language but can handle a fast, challenging pace? Then this is the course for you!

This course combines the Level 1 and Level 2 Award in BSL. You will get done in half the time and at a significant discount on our already competitive course prices.

This course is designed to teach learners to communicate with Deaf people in British Sign Language (BSL) on a range of topics that involve simple, everyday language use. You will gain basic skills and confidence in the production and reception of BSL.

Our courses are delivered remotely via Zoom or face-to-face at our Lewisham office in London. None of this pre-recorded rubbish, this is real people teaching real people, live. That’s live hours of teaching at a quality you won’t find anywhere else.

The specification has been designed using the UK Occupational Language Standards at Levels 1 and 2.

It is designed to Signature specifications and you will receive a Signature accredited certificate upon completion.

Course Units

  • BSL 101 Introduction to BSL – meeting people, using numbers, weather, transport and directions
  • BSL 102 Conversational BSL – at home, people, animals and objects, using numbers, interests and activities
  • BSL 103 BSL at School, College or Work – getting around, exchanging information, refreshments, and using numbers
  • BSL 201 – BSL Receptive Skills
  • BSL 202 – BSL Productive Skills
  • BSL 203 – Conversational Skills

Course Requirements

Qualification Objectives

At the end of the qualification, learners will be able to:

  • understand and use a limited range of simple words and sentences in BSL
  • take part in simple, everyday conversations in BSL
  • give and follow simple directions or instructions in BSL
  • give and follow simple familiar statements or descriptions in BSL

Signature Specification

Study Tips

BSL uses finger spelling for names or information that may not have a sign. It really important to master this skill. Click to download a pdf.

Similarly BSL uses fingers for numbers. Another really important skill to remember. Click to download a pdf.

Here are some useful resources that will help you with your studies:

Course Details

Classes will be held weekly from 18:00 to 20:30.
Currently, classes will be hybrid face-to-face and remote via Zoom.

Course Fee

Fees can be paid upfront or in instalments. For this course, you can pay in 3 or 6 monthly instalments. We use a payment processor that will automatically take payment from your account on the same day every month. All payment plans are interest-free, and all prices are inclusive. You only pay what you see. The main rule is that the first payment must be made before classes start. Places can be reserved for a £50 deposit, which is deducted from your first payment.

Payment Plans

Full payment, 3 monthly, 6 monthly, 9 monthly



Please click the Apply button to access our Course Application Form. You can fill it out and submit it online, we’ll then reply with your invoice and a payment link.

To apply please use the buttons to either apply directly or to contact us first. Please, please leave us your phone number. We PROMISE to only use it for dealing with this enquiry and that we will not share or spam it. Experience has shown us that email is so prone to spam that our emails often get filtered out and lost.

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