May you live in interesting times

Have you heard of the curse, “May you live in interesting times”. An old English curse falsely attributed to the Chinese philosopher, Confucius.These are interesting times. Times, when we look back to the Brexit crisis and think of it as the good old days. We could introspectively consider it preparation for the anxiety and uncertainty […]

ISO9001- Laura Gilby – Teamleader

Laura Gilby – Team Leader appa me ltd appa me | appa life | appa training | appa fitness | appa kids   By achieving ISO9001 we have now joined over a million different companies across 170 countries in complying with the requirements of a quality management system. The quality management principles include a strong […]

ISO9001 – Lea-Ann Penaluna – Team Leader

Lea-Ann Penaluna – Team Leader appa me ltd appa me | appa life | appa training | appa fitness | appa kids Introduction I first became involved with ISO 9001 June 2015, formatting and referencing the in house approved documents to then be linked to the Document Log. A simple task which then led to […]

ISO9001 – Kyla Aitken – Operations Director

Kyla Aitken – Operations Director appa me ltd appa me | appa life | appa training | appa fitness | appa kids What’s in a Name? ISO has a different acronyms in different languages, so adopted the short form ISO, derived from the Greek isos – meaning equal appa as a company stands by its […]

4Talent and Equality of Opportunity

appa me would like to congratulate Channel 4 for their recent positive action in ring fencing 50% of their apprenticeships for people with disabilities. In this day and age in a developed Western country disability should not be an issue for anyone. According to official government statistics “Disability Facts and Figures” published in 2014 “There […]

Universal Credit

Universal Credit Universal credit was introduced in early 2015 (February) and now in May 2016 is being rolled out across the rest of the country. Universal credit, the brain child of the former DWP lead Ian Duncan Smith, merges the following benefits: Income-based Jobseekers Allowances Income-Related Employment and Support Allowance Income Support Child Tax Credit […]

Our Clients: Andrew Muskat

Andrew, a grafter, has worked at Lloyds for over 34 years. Today he tells us about some ofthe barriers and solutions of working as a Deaf person in hearing corporate Britain. In the early days (1980’s) paperwork was king. Proper paperwork, where you had to use pens, paper ledgers and handwritten procedures. In many ways […]