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Job Coach

Career goals? Aiming for that job or promotion?

appa can support you in your work or career, whether you’re just getting started or a managing director. wherever you are in the world of work, we can support you in achieving your goals, your promotion ambitions, or in retaining employment.

We’ll work with you within specified time frames, so you’ll always know when to expect your job coach and for how long.

Our professional team is fully trained and can tailor their techniques to you.

We support you in getting exactly what you need in the workplace, allowing you the freedom to focus on doing your job and developing your career in the way you choose. we believe that’s everyone’s right.

At appa, you won’t find any stuffed shirts — or stuffed skirts for that matter! Our job coaches are all approachable, friendly and flexible. and that’s on top of being highly professional and extremely knowledgeable about a range of disability needs.

To book a service please contact us first.

We will evaluate your needs and contact you promptly

To apply please use the buttons to either apply directly or to contact us first. Please, please leave us your phone number. We PROMISE to only use it for dealing with this enquiry and that we will not share or spam it. Experience has shown us that email is so prone to spam that our emails often get filtered out and lost.