Kyla Aitken

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About Kyla Aitken

Kyla Aitken is the co-founder of appa me ltd.

Before appa Kyla had worked for years in the area of support and interpreting services for both the Deaf and disabled community. Kylas’ knowledge of Deaf culture, the needs of people with disabilities and her experience working in this area brought her to a realisation, the support of people with disabilities or deafness was, in general, little more lip service. They were not offered self-empowerment and most schemes were designed to do little more than churn through welfare payments.

Kyla wanted to shift perspectives on these matters and help the disabled turn a corner, to direct their own lives and careers. Thus appa me ltd was born.

Operations director of appa me ltd.

Multiple business owner.

PTTLS Level 3,4,5