Special Senses Day at Colchester Zoo

Colchester Zoo is having a Special Senses Day on Saturday 23 June 2018. Our appa BSL Interpreters and Support workers are giving their Saturday day off and considerable expertise to provide accessibility for visitors today at the zoo.

Lea-Ann’s Day at Colchester Zoo.

So my experience from the Zoo was quite an interesting one!

Although an avid animal lover I’ve only ever been to a couple of Zoos when I was younger and those experiences were not that great to say the least, so I was a little sceptical and unsure what to expect.
Well, Colchester Zoo really changed that for me! The sheer dedication this enclosure shows to the animals under their care was fantastic to see and has made me feel differently.

The staff were very helpful and cheerful (even if I did ask them multiple times to help me when lost! Some even escorted me!) This made for such a welcoming experience.

I dont think there is one particular part of the day that was my favourite but a combination of seeing all the wonderful animals (despite being head butted by a goat!), being able to take part in the Senses Day was really important to me and being part of and supporting the BSL Team for the day.

I look forward to many more accessible friendly days out again!


Kyla’s Day at Colchester Zoo

There was a lovely greeting from Colchester staff, and I loved the BSL signs on most of the animals, you can see that we took a couple of pictures with them, these are great for parents and children, deaf and hearing alike.

Growing up I often would sign for my dad on days out, and he would’ve loved this, a place and time where my dad would’ve had access without us. He did come along and loved it, I will ask him to send you a clip about his visit to the zoo.

I especially loved meeting some of the children and a special moment for me and I think my colleague might agree, meeting a young deaf child, around 6 years old, with her mum, sadly her mum cannot sign but her daughter does, and her mum took a video clip of the 3 of us having an exchange, as at home she said she doesn’t get to see her daughter sign – this was fantastic and hopefully will inspire her mum to learn BSL and become a bi-lingual household.

Also I loved the penguins, especially Bruce!