Rita and Caleb: Special Needs Clothing From Marks and Spencer

Rita and Caleb: Special Needs Clothing From Marks and Spencer

On the 3rd of October 2015 Rita Kutt posted a message on the Netmums website. Her grandson Caleb has special needs and his mother was finding it very hard to find suitable and affordable clothing for him. Six months before posting her message Rita had been in contact with Marks and Spencer asking them to produce a range of clothing (vests and bodysuits) for special needs children. Some of things she asked for were;

  • Poppers on clothing for children over 3 years old
  • Ability to change a nappy without removing the clothing
  • Access to attach feeding tubes
  • Affordability3 items of clothing

Marks and Spencer took up the challenge and produced such a range of unisex bodysuits and vests. The clothes (listed here) are significantly cheaper than most specialist outlets and currently feature 15 items. Bravo to Marks and Spencer!

Caleb himself has a number of health issues. He needs a lot of specialist care and work to give him the best start in life. His Gofund me page is hosted here.

Rita has a Facebook group for updates and discussions dedicated to the new M&S clothing range here.

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