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Direct Payments (DP)

What exactly are Direct Payments?

Direct Payments are for people who are receiving social care services. They receive money from their local council and use the money to arrange and pay for their own care and support, instead of the council providing their services directly.

Who can get Direct Payments?
You can receive Direct Payments from your council if:

  • you have been assessed as needing care or support from social services,
  • you want to arrange and pay for your own care or support services,
  • you are able to give your consent to receiving direct payments,
  • and you are able to manage your direct payments, even if you need support to do so.

If you already receive social services, your local council will usually give you the choice of receiving Direct Payments instead of the services or support you’re currently getting.

What if I’m not receiving any social services?

You can get your needs assessed by your local council. You’re usually eligible for social care if you are:

  • a disabled individual aged 16 or over,
  • a carer aged 16 or over, including if you have parental responsibility for a disabled child,
  • or an older person.
  • If you’re eligible for social care, you’re also eligible to receive Direct Payments.
  • We can support you in going through the process of having your needs assessed.

We can also provide a wide range of support and services, which we always tailor to meet our clients’ specific needs.

What can I use Direct Payments to pay for?

Direct Payments can be used to pay for care, support services and equipment to meet your needs.

appa provides a comprehensive range of care and support services to match your specific needs. Our services are entirely client centered.

This means you choose as much or as little support you require, and you manage when and how you use our services.

We’re also professionals. Our staff members are CQC (Care Quality Commission) checked and UKHCA (United Kingdom Home Care Association) registered, so you can have confidence that we offer the highest standard of care.

For more details of the support and care services available to you through appa, please see our support pages, or contact us to discuss your needs.

How do I apply for Direct Payments?

At appa, our experienced, knowledgeable and friendly staff can support you in making an informed choice about applying for Direct Payments. Some of us have family members who make use of this support, so we really do know our stuff!

Contact us at appa today to find out more about Direct Payments, to discuss your needs, to arrange a Direct Payment service, or if you require support in making a Direct Payments application.