Whorlton Hall

A Statement by APPA BBC Panorama recently aired a documentary about Whorlton Hall, a specialist hospital for the treatment of vulnerable adults. The torture that the staff inflicted on these patients angered and sickened us. The Care Quality Commission failed in it duty to protect the vulnerable patients it is responsible for through failing to […]

ISO9001- Laura Gilby – Teamleader

Laura Gilby – Team Leader appa me ltd appa me | appa life | appa training | appa fitness | appa kids   By achieving ISO9001 we have now joined over a million different companies across 170 countries in complying with the requirements of a quality management system. The quality management principles include a strong […]

ISO9001 – Lea-Ann Penaluna – Team Leader

Lea-Ann Penaluna – Team Leader appa me ltd appa me | appa life | appa training | appa fitness | appa kids Introduction I first became involved with ISO 9001 June 2015, formatting and referencing the in house approved documents to then be linked to the Document Log. A simple task which then led to […]

ISO9001 – Kyla Aitken – Operations Director

Kyla Aitken – Operations Director appa me ltd appa me | appa life | appa training | appa fitness | appa kids What’s in a Name? ISO has a different acronyms in different languages, so adopted the short form ISO, derived from the Greek isos – meaning equal appa as a company stands by its […]

DWP Overlooks SME Advice and pays the cost

Turn a Corner appa were delighted at the recent successful prosecution  of Ethel and Paul Neal, founders of Neals Communication. A Croydon based deaf support company purportedly serving S.E. London and local regions. It is one of a group of companies in an interconnected collection of directors, owners and employees forming a conspiracy of fraud. The […]

The Cost of a Living Wage

The living wage is a worthy social aspiration. It looks at the cost of living and asks what wage a person needs in order to meet the basic assessed costs of living in the UK and in London. It is a moral choice and something that employers in the UK are encouraged to provide. However […]

Iain Duncan Smith and getting people to work

The superficial hue and cry from the headline grabbing hungry press and radical disability activists are condemning Iain Duncan Smith’s changes to sickness benefits. However, the core principles at the heart of the proposal have synergy with appa’s own principles; Give people the right support and they can turn a corner in their own lives […]