BSL NEWS 02 APRIL 2020 part 2

BSL NEWS 02 APRIL 2020 part 2

Coronavirus Testing

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has faced widespread criticism over his government’s testing strategy for the Coronavirus. He has failed to set up large scale testing. For example of 0.5 million NHS frontline staff in England, only 2,000 have been tested. Mr Johnson has said he will ramp up the process of testing as he has said that testing is the way to defeat the Coronavirus.

Once people have tested positive to the Coronavirus and have recovered they will then be able to return back to work and come out of self-isolation. This will be particularly useful for NHS workers who are self-isolating to know they are well and can return back to work.

The second test is to test for antibodies. Once this test is ready it can be used for people who have had the Coronavirus to know they are safe to return back to work.

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