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Terms & Conditions



3 hour minimum per individual booking.

Unsociable hours will be charged at a different rate to ones stated, please enquire to these charges before making your booking.

Materials on any training are included in cost unless otherwise stated on booking form.


As the customer you shall not approach\book to work with any appa me Ltd (company) freelancer, employee or subcontractor that has been introduced to them by the company. If this clause is breached within six months of the booking period then the customer hereby agrees to appa me Ltd reserves the right to full injunctive relief for any breach.


The cancellation terms start from the moment a booking has been confirmed, also once booked any change of date will be a cancellation.

Any reduction of hours in the booking will be billed at the same rate as below for difference in the hours.

Cancellations at 4 weeks notice incur no charge Cancellations at 3 weeks notice incur 50% charge of total cost

Cancellations at 2 weeks notice incur 75% charge of total cost

Cancellations at 1 weeks notice incur 100% charge of total cost.

Cancellations on the same day a booking is made will incur no charge.

For the purposes of these terms and conditions, a week will be taken as a calendar week but a day will be taken as 9am to 5:30pm.

Upon signing the booking form you are agreeing to the aforementioned prices and conditions of service.

PO number, if applicable:

This is a query, you are not committing to anything by clicking send.