Blog of a Support Worker: Bernadette Travers

Blog of a Support Worker: Bernadette Travers

 Bernadette TraversLove what you do – Blog from one of our interpreters at appa

Life is full of ups and downs. I don’t mean to sound profound and dramatic, I mean it in a casual sense…let me explain! Some mornings upon hearing what can feel like the sound of hell (otherwise known as my alarm), I want to groan, roll-over and fall back to sleep. Let’s be honest, mornings like this happen to the best of us, I love my job but every now and again mornings will just be mornings and there’s nothing to be done about it! On other mornings, I wake up feeling perfectly ready to take on whatever the working day has to throw at me.

That’s the thing about work, you do it every day (and if you’ve settled in your career choice, for the best part of the rest of your life!), which is why I truly believe it is so important to be doing something you love. That way, the painful mornings become less painful as you slowly wake up, have your coffee and remember that you enjoy your life, the mediocre mornings become good mornings, the good mornings become… you get the idea. Getting up for work day-in and day-out is no good at all if you don’t like your job! I’ve seen family and friends reach near breaking-point stuck in jobs they hate, it isn’t pretty and certainly isn’t for me!

That’s why I feel so lucky working with appa. I love British Sign Language (I don’t mind talking either!) and love working with this beautiful language and guess what, I get to do it every day! Go me! Not only do I get to do it every day, I get to do it with friends who have become colleagues and colleagues who have become friends!

So I’ve admitted that every now and again Monday mornings can get the better of me, now for the better news, one morning last week I literally just woke up in the best mood ever! I’d recently come back from holiday so one might suggest that I should have been having those “post-holiday blues” but the sun was shining and as I walked those familiar 11 minutes to the station, I couldn’t help but smile to myself. I am generally positive in my day-to-day life but on this particular morning I felt overwhelmingly and almost bizarrely happy! It’s not that I don’t have reason to be, I do, but I sort of had a moment when I actually realised these reasons and appreciated how lucky and happy I am. I’ll admit I felt a bit like a weird motivational YouTube video or something, but I was feeling happy to be alive and happy to be me, happy doing what I’m doing.


Written by Bernadette Travers

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