Blog of a Support Worker: Robyn Pace

Blog of a Support Worker: Robyn Pace

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Robyn Pace

My ambition and dream job in life is to become a Physiotherapy Assistant; I recently completed my degree at University as a Sport Scientist, and with no professional experience behind me appa gave me the opportunity to work with them as a Support Worker.

A support worker works along the same lines as a Physio in the sense of helping people with physical disability, which has opened doors into the industry and opened my eyes to the real life rather than the theory side.

Being a Support Worker is about walking alongside a person with a mental, learning or physical disability as they build self-confidence and create a fulfilling life for themselves. It covers all areas of life – from taking care of them personally to managing work load, to help them live the life they chose and build.

Working with appa has required travelling to all different areas of London as well as Kent to different clients, which has given me the experience of working out of my comfort zone (travelling to unknown areas on public transport) to broaden my horizon and to self-learn on pushing boundaries to achieve goals.

appa is like having an extended family, the Support Workers work alongside the Interpreters and the managerial team to help support clients. We have activity days or take part in classes to have bonding days, such as currently taking part in Muay Thai Fitness classes (which also benefits us individually to lose weight and get fit), but it is just an excuse to roll around and have a giggle.

There are a lot of ups and downs (more ups than downs) working as a Support worker, as it can be emotionally draining, however it is worth the drainage as it is a satisfying feeling knowing that the clients life has been made a little easier with your support.

Written by Robyn Pace

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