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Welcome to appa Training!

appatraining, based in Ladeywell just south of Lewisham Firestation, is primarily a British Sign Language training company. We offer high-quality BSL courses in London and travel beyond by arrangement. As well as BSL we offer a range of other professional and vocational courses.

If you want to learn British Sign Language or train as a Sign Language Interpreter we have award-winning teachers delivering courses honed to excellence over 3 decades.

Furthermore, we offer courses on Deafblind communication, teaching, assessing, verifying as well as professional development courses.

Appa training provides specialist training for learners to be able to communicate with Deaf or Deafblind individuals. This, in turn, will enable Deaf or Deafblind people to feel independent and have successful lives at work, in education or at home through direct communication with you.

We’re market leaders in our field: we offer expert training and courses at competitive prices, offering a practical solution for your learning needs. our unique approach is delivered by experienced, approachable trainers.

Our training website is divided into four main areas;

Communicate; for details on our BSL and Deafblind Communication language courses.

Interpreting; for details on our interpreting courses.

Education; for lifelong learning sector training details on our training and assessing qualifications.

Professional Development; for language service professionals for details on our professional language qualifications on disability awareness training and career development.

with more to come in the future.

Follow the links for information on alternative appa services we offer:

appa me fingerspelling

Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Feel free to contact us, or pop in for a chat to get your questions answered by a member of our team.

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Logo of SignatureWe are a Signature accredited training provider.

At appa, we’re totally committed to shifting our society’s restrictive view of D/deaf and disabled individuals to a new perspective that’s more open. We work continuously to promote higher standards of equality and inclusiveness.

Starting with our own philosophy that we’re dealing with people, not ‘disabilities’, we work with organisations and workplaces to see people for their skills, not their disability.

After all, doesn’t society as a whole benefit when all of us can freely achieve our full potential?

Our range of tailored services enables full access to all opportunities in Work, Education, and Training.

We work with D/deaf or disabled individuals to iron out any barriers in the way of just getting on with their lives in the way they want. Think about it: don’t we all want to be able to focus on maximising what we’re good at — our skills, talents, and abilities — in the industries and sectors of our choice?

So whether you’d like services in translation, note-taking, physical support, skills training or anything else, get in touch with appa today to find out how we can work with you to turn a corner.

with more to come in the future.


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